Saturday, 19 November 2011

About me...........

Heyyy yall!!!!! Salamssss!!!! i am Nafisah, I'm 20yrs old, I'm African, Nigerian to be specific. i school in Malaysia at the moment, nice place but i cannot wait to be done and head off home. Actually got serious wiv ma hijab wearing 3years ago and anytime i am home i never see hijabis like me, i kinda like feel they are not proud to be muslims sometimes though because i know without a doubt that there are a considerable amount of muslims there. So this me bringing hijabi fashion tips to all muslimahs around the world and i hope that we can grow together and also learn from one another inshAllah.
See you soon 7abibtis.........


  1. Just found this blog hope u come back soon to share your fashion with us

  2. inshAllah i will try to upload something to it, but i was thinking of deleting it actually, thanks 4 the comment though, will see wat i can do